Spalmatoio, powered by Lonewolf and FreeBSD
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Ignition.zipRemove encryption from client (v1.3)228 kb30.03.2016
InsideUO.zipShow everything from the mul files346 kb30.03.2016
UOLauncher.zipAnother multi login tool205 kb30.03.2016
UO_RICE.zipLB UO client encryption remover116 kb30.03.2016
accomplice.zipA very configurable GM tool278 kb30.03.2016
uoam-setup.exeUomapper182 kb30.03.2016
uoginstall.exeUOGateway - necessary to play1714 kb30.03.2016
uoswitch.zipMulti Login tool 17 kb30.03.2016

Spawn2-low.jpgSpawn Map low res305 kb30.03.2016
Spawn2.jpgSpawn Map high res5565 kb30.03.2016
accomplice-lw.zipAccomplice with my lonewolf stuff339 kb30.03.2016
lonewolf.dbLonewolfdb sql create and populate with latest npcs 115 kb30.03.2016
make-lst.tgzMake a npc.lst compatible with accomplice2 kb30.03.2016
npc-browse-perl.tgzBrowse and query npc base on the web 15 kb30.03.2016
npc-browse-php.tgz(Outdated) This code doesn't run with the new db. 78 kb30.03.2016
npc-lite.tgzMake a comma delimited file from npc.scp2 kb30.03.2016
npc.tgzExtend npc-lite with MySql stuff (needed by npc-browse*)3 kb30.03.2016
spawn.scpSpawn.scp7 kb30.03.2016

MiniMythril.zipMini gm apps tool very configurable26 kb30.03.2016
cgmt_117.zipChaos Gm Tools v1.17447 kb30.03.2016

convert-12.6.1.zipConvert the classic (v12.6) wolfpack world to the new format107 kb30.03.2016
gm-accfiles.zipMy Accomplice modifications for wolfpack & nox30 kb30.03.2016
gm-qgmtoolfiles.zipMy configs (adding a lot of stuffs) for qgmtool25 kb30.03.2016
qgmtool- very good admin tool for wolfpack929 kb30.03.2016

GNU public license