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djeryv_lw2.zipThe famous Djeryv world v2883 kb30.03.2016
djeryv_lw4.zipThe famous Djeryv world v4226 kb30.03.2016
ripperworld1.zipThe great Ripper world v1.0195 kb30.03.2016
ripperworld2.zipThe great Ripper world v2.0372 kb30.03.2016
ripperworld3.zipThe great Ripper world v3.0472 kb30.03.2016
ripperworld4.zipThe great Ripper world v4.01466 kb30.03.2016
spawn.scpA 53 regions spawn files by Usul8 kb30.03.2016
usul-qsf.zipA qsf based spawn system by Usul179 kb30.03.2016

gm-ripper.tgzThis the wp Ripper world. Work in progress :-)678 kb30.03.2016

gm-sphere.tgzSPHERE: My complete world911 kb30.03.2016
gm-tusimport.zipTUS: lot of "import" files to spawn a blank world 534 kb30.03.2016
gm-tusworld134.zipTUS: main cities vendors (npc:367 items:44189) 630 kb30.03.2016

fccsworldfile.zip1004 kb30.03.2016
jedimanwf.zip2059 kb30.03.2016
rippersworld.zipBasic start world made by ripper (Britain & Graveyard, Trinsic, Cove, Orc Fort)106 kb30.03.2016
sdworld.zip85 kb30.03.2016
sirrobwf.zipA basic start world by Bruce Robertson and the MarSec Team1803 kb30.03.2016
tqpsworld.zipTQPS world430 kb30.03.2016
uox3world.zip415 kb30.03.2016
uoxdevworld-1.0.zipUOX Development Network Default World File Version 1.074 kb30.03.2016
world.zipDoors & Sign's by Darinv31.39 kb30.03.2016

djeryv-2.zipDjery v2 for the last wolfpack1433 kb30.03.2016
djeryv_world.zipThe famous Djery world2916 kb30.03.2016
gm-doorsign.zipDoors and Signs only.27 kb30.03.2016
gm-world11.zipThe gm-doorsign + Britain vendors 155 kb30.03.2016
wpworld.zipThe Ripper world 741 kb30.03.2016

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