End Game: what to do.

Things to do in the end game content before another expansion (if you have ended all the current content).

  • Do achievements
  • Craft a legendary weapon.
  • Craft a legendary back.
  • Craft a legendary armor set.
  • Get Acended gear.
  • Gear sets and loadouts
  • Playing with all builds.
  • Get all skins.
  • Getting rich.
  • Converting gold to gems, buying what you want.
  • Completing all story lines.
  • Get all mounts.
  • Be awesome at PVP
  • Be Awesome at PVE
  • Be Awesome at WVW

Most importantly, take your time and all at your own speed.

Gw2 don't need anything from wow. Let wow be wow and gw2 be gw2.

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