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Hello traveller !
My name is Gianmarco but perhaps you can know me as my Uo battlename of usul.

I have created these pages as my personal (and humble) tribute to the wonderfull world of Uo emulators.

These pages deal with stuffs for some (but not all) emulators. This is not due to the fact I think these emulators work better than the others, but simply it means that I used them in the past or in the present. The Uo emu I follow closely at the present is lonewolf only.

This also doesn't want to say I don't want to make new experiences on the others emulators but simply that I haven't had the time to play with them deeply right now

Btw I'll try to keep at least the links page updated to reflect all the emulators I know. If you feel I forget some of them please contact me at the email above.

You can also find here a lot of tools by punt that can made a lot easier the life of everyone that develops under the emu scene. Please check them here

This page is also an indirect tribute to my preferred OS: FreeBSD

The binaries page is dedicated to every FreeBSD fan that want to build and run natively a copy of lonewolf Uo emulator but don't know how to begin. I'll try to follow the cvs development of this emu as close I can, making a daily FreeBSD build. In the same page you'll find also lonewolf binary (not daily updated) for Linux, OpenBSD and Win32 (mingw) too.

Finally these pages want to be a standing ovation to all Uo emu developers and players that have permitted to realize this wonderfull offline experience :-).
Thanks to everyone !"


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