The following are a few tools that the emu community might find of use.

New tools
cartographydll.rar 10-04-2005 1950kb It reads your multimap.rle (used in cartography), exports it to an image file.
Or imports in a image file, save the multimap.rle, or generates a multimap.rle based on your map/static/diff 0.mul files. 29-09-2003 23kb Allows one to create or edit BOK (read/writeable books in lonewolf/uox/uoxclassic).

Probably you need also these dlls: (176kb). (140kb). (1750kb). 29-09-2003 31kb Sources for the bookeditor tool. Unzip it and then compile in this way:
qmake -o Makefile.mak
make -f Makefile.mak
Old, but very usefull, tools
DLL.ZIP 14-12-2002 2,08M Required dll's for using the utilities on windows. Essentially the required QT 3.11 and MSVC 7 dlls 22-03-2003 760kb Qt dll version 3.12. They are required for the new versions of the tools
World Editor 18-04-2003 46kb Allows the user to edit, delete, add items into their Lonewolf world files. Has a robust find/replace capability. In addition, allows one to freeze statics into the mul files (marking the item as "TYPE 255"), including multis. 04-01-2003 27kb Reorder your scp files to new numbers. Eliminate holes in the item numbers, npc, loot list, etc. This will renumber them, and update all the scripts appropriately with your changes (including the world file). It does expect a complete conformance to the "SECTION TYPE NUMBER" standard, and thus a tad of editing is required on Lonewolf scp files before starting (and undoing). But not a lot, and hopefully, Lonewolf will continue to evolve to conform to the standard. 14-12-2002 17kb Ever wanted to customize map1.mul? Current map editing tools dont support the new OSI way of patching, dif files. However, this will merge the dif file with the mul file, and have a single mul file your map editing tool expects. So yes, you could customize map1 now if you wanted. 14-12-2002 18kb You have your custom mul files, but now you discover the newer emu's are supporting the OSI dif files. But your map tool hasn't been updated yet. No worries, this will generate the dif files for you. It will compare your mul file to the clients, and generate the needed dif files for your changes. 19-03-2003 26kb Allows one to transfer a character with all his items from one world to another. Just supply the directory of the source world, and the destination world. Then select the character, and the account to put it in, and let the program do the rest. This is beta, needs user feedback (especially on any item tags that didnt get serial numbers adjusted). Note: If an item belonging to the character, is in a container not belonging to the character, it will not be copied over. 04-01-2003 14kb Ever find your serial numbers getting out of control? Running out, or just too messy for your liking? This will reset your serial numbers in your world files to a sequential order, starting at the numbers you specify. The output world files are wppitems.wsc.serial, and wppcs.wsc.serial (same directory as the input files). 01-04-2003 330kb Allows one to extract static, land, and gump images to file formats you specify. Allows for automatic scaling to a fixed size, or percentage. Perfect for Web Sites wanting 64 x 64 pixmaps! For land and static tiles, will also generate a common delimted text file that have the tile attributes (easily imported into a spreadsheet or table). The files are individually saved in a gump,land,static subdirectory of the directory you specify.